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Врубель Євгенія



Hello, I'm Evgenia from Dnipro, Ukraine. In 2015 I started learning Computer Science via online platforms and after 2 years of study I’ve grown into JavaScript/python developer. At the moment, this is my part-time job. For me this step means more than just an upgrade of a skill-set: I believe that in 5-10 years global labor market and educational system will change structurally, so that kids will study programming languages in elementary school and it will be considered natural. In this new environment, the one who sticks to old standards will be completely lost. Thus, I would like to help children to obtain essential knowledge which, sadly, they cannot get at school now. Modern teens need to be prepared for the new world of AI, where everyone should be able talk to machines in their language. Also - we can have fun and raise talents! This is truly exciting opportunity for both teacher and students!

email: vzhenia11@gmail.com