Code Club UA is an all-Ukrainian network of free optional volunteer coding clubs for children aged 9-11.

We have created a project in which our volunteers teach children to write computer programs in their free time. Club meetings take place once a week in schools, libraries or children's art houses and last one hour. At Code Club, children learn to program by creating computer games, animations and websites. The program provides for the creation of one project per lesson.

The Code Club program has 4 levels, each of which is more complex than the previous one and consists of a set of projects and tasks.

Code Club was founded in the UK by web designer Claire Sutcliffe and programmer Linda Sandyk in April 2012. The Code Club now exists in 32 countries, from the United States and Brazil to Australia and New Zealand. We hope that Ukrainian students and volunteers will also appreciate the benefits of Code Club programs and become active participants.

We would like to open Code Club programming clubs in all schools of Ukraine - it is about 19 and a half thousand institutions. This is a difficult task, but together with you we will be able to overcome it!

Creating and distributing a Code Club is an important task and hard work. Maybe you would like to support us?

How to enroll a child in our groups?

  • You fill out a questionnaire
  • Subscribe to the newsletter
  • Check email

Answers to frequently asked questions

Код клуби, як правило, тривають протягом години і проходять щотижня протягом навчального семестру - але цей графік гнучкий для будь-якої локації.
Хто проводить навчання?
Як відбувається набір учнів?