Experts spoke about children's cybersecurity at a webinar held with the support of TASKOMBANK

Experts spoke about children's cybersecurity at a webinar held with the support of TASKOMBANK

And what do you know about children's media literacy and cybersecurity? To acquaint the parents with this topic in more detail and to tell them how to secure children on the Internet, the experts held an open webinar. The initiators were Code Club Ukraine, EscapeLab and the business community for women in IT and digital - WTECH Ukraine, with the support of TASCOMBANK.

Anastasia Dyakova, Adviser on Safe Internet for Every Child at the Minister of Digital Transformation of Ukraine, spoke about the risks that a child may face online and will provide step-by-step instructions on creating a safe online space for children.

Maria Skakun, Senior Associate and Business Developer at Avitar Law Company, reported on the processing and protection of personal data, the use of social networks in childhood, as well as child bloggers and their earnings.

Victoria Lyubarevich-Torkhova, a neuropsychologist of cognitive development, explained how to protect children from the danger that may be waiting for them on social networks, how to teach them the rules of online communication, how to protect children from cyberbullying and more.

The experts agreed that the topic first concerns parents, because knowing the basics of information hygiene and understanding their importance, they pass this experience on to their children. This way you can protect yourself from unnecessary and destructive information, and most importantly - take care of the safe stay of your children online.

Today, the Internet provides many opportunities for self-development, learning, improvement. It is for this purpose that you need to use gadgets, especially the younger generation. But first take care of their safety. To do this, ask yourself: Do you have enough knowledge about children's cybersecurity?

The reference will be step-by-step instructions: - The child should not be in social networks before 13 years. - "Parental control" must be installed - programs that block unwanted content. - You need to know what the child enjoys online. - Create a rule that the child does not communicate with strangers on the Internet and does not go to meetings with those whom he does not really know, unaccompanied by parents.

The Code Club Ukraine team supports the position of experts and emphasizes that modern technologies and opportunities should be used to advantage. How to get the most knowledge, skills and pleasure from them - demonstrates the practice of online programming classes of the All-Ukrainian network of free programming clubs for children Code Club Ukraine.