Ukrainian youth will be provided with assistance in finding a job and professional development

Ukrainian youth will be provided with assistance in finding a job and professional development

The Happy Monday career portal (Professionals of the Future NGO) within the framework of the "Dream and Act" program is launching the "Your Career Victory" project for Ukrainian youth (including IDPs). Its purpose is to help young men and women, girls and boys with professional development and job search.

The full-scale war affected various spheres of Ukrainian life, in particular, the economic situation and the possibility of professional realization. A third of the population is still unemployed. And, it would seem, this problem should have bypassed the youth, but instead, it affected them the most (according to the fourteenth nationwide survey by the sociological group "Rating", June 18-19, 2022). Thus, young boys and girls lost the opportunity to financially support themselves, and with it, a comfortable lifestyle, self-confidence, and psychological stability.

"According to a study conducted by the "Dream and Act" program in June of this year, about 60% of young people aged 18-34 who had a job before the war lost it, and 20% work remotely or have part-time employment. Therefore, for us, supporting initiatives that promote employment is, first of all, a way to give young people confidence in their own economic capabilities. The "Your Career Victory" project will allow girls and boys, including internally displaced youth, to become familiar with opportunities aimed at employment and career development that are emerging despite the war. This will help overcome stereotypes related to job searches and career building in the current circumstances. And this is a major component of the country's stability and confidence that we will win and restore the well-being of young Ukrainian women and men." — Yuliya Tkachuk, deputy director of the "Dream and Act" program.

In response to such a challenge, the project "Your career victory" is launched, which will help young men and women, girls and boys with professional development and job search.

"Our team has been working for more than 5 years to increase the number of people who have a favorite job with happy Mondays. Currently, more than 70% of our audience is young people aged 18-35, who, unfortunately, have not escaped the problem of losing their jobs and sources of income. Therefore, there is a great demand for career assistance. And we are grateful that, together with international partners, we can more systematically support Ukrainian women and men from among IDPs within the framework of the "Your career victory" project. We are planning a consultation program from career experts, educational events to master current skills, and publication of vacancies in new locations. In addition, we will work with employers to increase the number of professional opportunities for young people, including IDPs, so that the latter are not excluded from the number of candidates only because of their current social status. We believe that this is an important and necessary initiative that will allow girls and boys to feel more confident in the labor market in the current circumstances." — Anna Mazur, founder and executive director of the Happy Monday career portal (Professionals of the Future NGO).

What activities will project participants be able to participate in?

By becoming participants of "Your career victory", girls and boys will be able to:

  • deal with the topics of job search and employment (how to choose a field of activity, write a resume, pass an interview, etc.) in the conditions of war within the curriculum, which consists of 15 online webinars;
  • join a closed online community to discuss various career issues among yourself and/or together with experts;
  • get professional advice from career consultants/currents and experts/currents in various fields of activity;
  • find out about current opportunities for professional development and vacancies from employers friendly to Ukrainian youth, including IDPs, and apply for them.

Who can participate?

Ukrainian men and women aged 18 to 35 (including IDPs) who lost their jobs and/or sources of income as a result of the war and are currently looking for new opportunities for employment and professional development are invited to participate.

If you are ready to join, fill out the questionnaire on the project website:

How ​​can companies and independent experts support young people?

One of the important areas of the project's activity is working with employers on increasing professional opportunities or adapting them to the current needs of young people aged 18-35. To do this, they are looking for partners among companies that are ready to create opportunities for boys and girls together with Happy Monday, in particular, to open youth-friendly vacancies, including IDPs, to share professional opportunities (internships, courses, educational programs, competitions, scholarship programs, etc.). d.) or give priority access to them to youth from among IDPs, create and launch their own educational programs or youth employment projects, etc.

In addition to employers, career counselors and experts in various professional fields are invited to join the initiative, who can provide individual consultations and/or advise participants in chats in a closed online community.

To discuss the details of cooperation and become a project partner, fill out the form on the project website:

The project "Your Career Victory" is implemented by Happy Monday (GO "Professionals of the Future") within the framework of the "Dream and Act" program and became possible thanks to the sincere support of the American people through the United States Agency for International Development (USAID). The content of this material is the responsibility of Happy Monday (Professionals of the Future NGO) and does not necessarily reflect the views of IREX, USAID, or the United States Government.