Noosphere Space Games: virtual rocket modeling contest

Noosphere Space Games: virtual rocket modeling contest

Like the idea of running a space program? Take part in the Noosphere Space Games virtual rocket modeling contest! The organizers of the competition are the public organization "Noosphere Association" and the Federation of Model Rocket Sports of Ukraine. Code Club Ukraine acts as an information partner of the event.

Prize fund - $1000, participation is free

The format of the competition is online

Age of participants: up to 14 years

In Kerbal Space Program, players control the space program of the Kerbal alien race. They have access to a number of parts to build a spacecraft that flies based on realistic aerodynamic and orbital physics. The possibilities are huge! In the game, you can launch a ship into orbit or beyond it, explore satellites and planets, build bases and space stations. It will be interesting!

Contestants will need to form a team of 2-5 people. Assemble the rocket in the Kerbal Space Program, launch the satellite into orbit. Eventually successfully return to planet Kerbin.

Terms of participation:

  • Click "Join the mission"
  • Fill in information about yourself. An important point, the name of the team must be written the same when registering all its members.
  • Check your mail and confirm registration.
  • Wait for the competition to start.

To ensure equal opportunities for all participants, detailed mission rules will be available on July 27.

Registration link:

Also, join the Noosphere Space Games Telegram channel. There you will find a link to the chat, where you can not only communicate with participants and organizers, but also find a team: