Code Club Ukraine resumes classes remotely

Code Club Ukraine resumes classes remotely

On the recommendation of the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine from March 14, out-of-school education resumes the educational process in the distance mode. Code Club Ukraine also restores free IT courses in the amount and regions as much as possible in the current situation!

The process has already started: we are communicating with the curators of Code Club regions across the country, "mobilizing" mentors who are safe and ready to teach. If possible, the curators will soon be able to contact groups that have been launched earlier, groups that have been recruited but have not started training.

The position of Code Club Ukraine was supported by the project partners and they expressed their readiness to help! According to Volodymyr Dubey, Chairman of the Board of TASCOMBANK, it is important for children to immerse themselves in the educational process again:

"Everyone who has the opportunity provides assistance to compatriots. Even in this difficult time, life goes on, and everyone has to do their job. The Armed Forces protect our home country and protect our homes, doctors take care of our health, we as bankers are fighting for the stability of the Ukrainian economy, and this list can go on and on. Teachers and volunteers who are ready to join the educational process have a special mission - to take care of our young generation, enriching it with knowledge, educating true patriots and preserving the mental balance of children.

Of course, in those regions where it is possible, the educational process should be resumed, because today it is more important than ever to distract children from thoughts of war, to direct young minds in a peaceful direction and take care of their comprehensive development. Children are very inquisitive, during their studies they will definitely find not only something new, but also something interesting for themselves. Mentors can help children regain a measured pace of life, a sense of security and confidence. In addition, children will have the opportunity to communicate normally with their peers, and someone will find new friends in new teams. Together they will admire, measure, look for ways to achieve their goal."

TAS Life noted that during the pandemic we learned to provide the highest quality online learning process. Therefore, today children who are safe can join the learning process and continue to acquire knowledge. Moreover, the company's experts are ready to continue online financial literacy courses from TAS Life in cooperation with Code Club Ukraine.

According to Natalia Stykhalska, Head of Marketing at TAS Life, today volunteering is of great importance both in the military and humanitarian spheres, as well as in the field of education and recreation for the younger generation:

"Today, every Ukrainian is trying to make an effort to win. Not all of us can take up arms, but we can be as helpful as possible in continuing our work. In the line of duty. The future of our country depends on it!”