In Ukraine, the mentoring movement is just beginning its journey. Although many associate it with the stereotype of "free work", but it is a myth. In recent years, in the world and in Ukraine in particular, socially responsible business has become necessary and has become a kind of trend. Large companies from any niche have started working with volunteer organizations. Such interaction is the key to sustainable development of both directions.

The culture of mentoring is still being formed in our country. But with the help of enterprising people and companies can quickly become a tool to improve the quality of education, a mechanism for creating effective social elevators, a catalyst for a breakthrough for the domestic economy. The word "volunteer" should not be imagined as a student who is assigned to perform the simplest tasks. This is a long-standing stereotype. Being a volunteer is, first of all, an opportunity to change yourself.

Undoubtedly, the student years are the most active time when people all over the world start to join social initiatives. However, in Ukraine, volunteering is often limited to community service at events, conferences and concerts. In fact, during this period a person has time and energy that can be devoted to important projects. This has long been understood and practiced by our western neighbors.

More than 100 million Europeans are volunteers and mentors who pass on their experience and knowledge to the next generation for free. Student mentors have a number of advantages in employment, admission or successful graduation from a prestigious university. This experience mentioned in the resume always positively distinguishes the candidate among others. Mentoring IT professionals, for example, are encouraged and motivated by companies.

In Ukraine today, the mentoring movement is just beginning to take its first confident steps. Social initiatives and charitable organizations play an important role in the formation and development. One of them is the all-Ukrainian network of free coding clubs for children Code Club Ukraine. Our project involves volunteers from all over the country who teach children to write computer programs, developing in them not only practical skills in programming, but also stimulate the imagination and creativity. In addition to the fact that Code Club Ukraine makes IT literacy accessible to children, the project teaches students, teachers, IT professionals to be mentors, provides tools for self-development in the specialty and additional areas.

The main thing to remember is that mentoring is not a free job. This is a mutually beneficial cooperation. In addition to what students receive from the mentor, the mentor himself also receives a number of benefits. Among them: - a new case for reflection, because each example of a professional path is unique, as well as the student's project; - expanding the circle of acquaintances. Just as the student finds useful people with experience, the mentor himself gets acquainted with them; - improving organization and self-organization; - study of psychology skills; - advantages when hiring. Employers value those who have mentoring experience because it demonstrates a person's desire to develop themselves and others.

After all, as Nelson Mandela said, "education is the most powerful weapon you can use to change the world."