Winners of Hack for Locals 3.0 will implement innovative solutions to combat violence in Ukraine

Winners of Hack for Locals 3.0 will implement innovative solutions to combat violence in Ukraine

United Nations Development Program (UNDP) in Ukraine, UN Women and the United Nations Population Fund (UNFPA) together with national and international partners have identified the winners of the annual Hack for Locals 3.0 hackathon: "Together against Violence" November 26-28 online under the United Nations Peacebuilding and Reconstruction Program. The winning projects will receive grant and mentoring support to implement the ideas developed on the hackton.

Together, more than 400 concerned participants sought effective solutions to the problem of violence in Ukraine in the hackathon, which this year is timed to coincide with the Global Initiative "16 Days of Activism Against Gender-Based Violence". In total, more than 50 teams joined the hackathon, of which 35 became semifinalists. The proposed solutions and innovations covered a wide range of areas, from combating violence in public places and supporting people who have experienced violence online, to interactive solutions that offer game formats to combat violence.

This year the victory in the hackathon was won by the following teams:

The team "v-checkers" took first place with the project of the innovative entertaining and educational video game "Violence Checker". The game simulates several situations of violence in public places. The player witnesses difficult situations, but he/she is offered several options for solving the problem, explaining the right and wrong actions in a given situation.

Second place - the team "Et cetera" with the project of the game "Step" with fairy-tale techniques that will help students in grades 5-9 to prevent and combat violence online and offline.

Third place was shared by two teams - IT-Battalion and Girls_Power. IT-Battalion with the project of a chatbot for the military "Application for combating sexual violence" in the most popular social messengers, including Facebook, Instagram, Telegram. Chatbot anonymously provides informational, psychological and legal support to victims of violence, witnesses and those who are simply trying to understand the issue of combating violence. Chatbots will be an extension of the bot, which is already working on the site: Girls_Power with the project of the gamified online quest "Live without illusions", whose mission is to help the characters overcome violence and get out of toxic relationships.

An additional prize from the partners - Jooble - was awarded to the team of the NGO "Girls", which presented at the hackathon a project of an educational platform for young people in the network TikTok "Girls_healthy".

UNDP Resident Representative in Ukraine Dafina Gercheva stressed that there should be no place for violence in the modern world, because all people, without exception, deserve to live in peace, without fear and need:

"I want to thank everyone who so willingly joined our hackathon. It is your ideas that will be a guide for someone on how to get out of the darkness, giving hope and a chance for a happy and full life. The preamble to the Charter of the United Nations calls on all countries and all people to be tolerant and to live in peace with each other as good neighbors. Your work will contribute to the realization of this vision. Your commitment to this great cause is very inspiring, and we at UNDP are proud to be able to help you in this important endeavor".

UN Representative in Ukraine Erika Kvapilova noted that millions of women and girls around the world face various forms of discrimination and violence on a daily basis.

"We can not be indifferent. We must act. Hack for Locals 3.0: "Together Against Violence" provides ample opportunities for civil society organizations and IT professionals from eastern Ukraine to develop innovative solutions to sexual harassment and other forms of gender-based violence in public places. Let's create safe cities for women and girls all over Ukraine together!”

Jaime Nadal, Representative of the United Nations Population Fund in Ukraine, stressed that this year's hackathon is dedicated to an extremely important topic - combining efforts against domestic and gender-based violence.

"Ultimately, it is the responsibility of each of us to try to make our homes and our communities safe and conflict-free. It is symbolic and really not accidental that this year the hackathon takes place during 16 days of activism against gender-based violence, because we know that gender-based violence is one of the most common human rights violations in the world. At UNFPA, we believe that young people can create bright, innovative and non-standard solutions to this problem."

Note that Hack for Locals 3.0: "Together Against Violence" is organized by the Happy Monday career development platform and the Innovation Agency Center42 under the United Nations Peacebuilding Program with the financial support of the European Union and the governments of Denmark, the Netherlands, Switzerland and Sweden.