Registration for the Battle IT by SimCorp programming tournament is open

Registration for the Battle IT by SimCorp programming tournament is open

"Battle IT by Simcorp" is a competition with C # .Net for IT students, where everyone can try their hand, gain useful experience and compete for valuable prizes and mentoring support from experts. SimCorp announces the recruitment of participants for the national tournament of technical talents "Battle IT", which will last until November 11 inclusive.

Participating in national level tournaments gives young programmers the opportunity to go beyond their university environment, compete with participants from all over the country, identify their strengths and weaknesses and understand in which direction they should move forward.

The battle organizer is a leading international company providing integrated solutions for investment management SimCorp.

Julia Stupak, Employer Branding Manager SimCorp in Ukraine, comments on the features and purpose of the tournament:

_"This is the first large-scale event we hold for student youth. The purpose of the tournament is to give students from all over Ukraine the opportunity to try their hand at programming and get quality feedback from experienced programmers, which will help participants find their way to professional development.

For SimCorp, investing in the professional development of both teams and young people is an important part of the business. So we are ready to invest in training and help students assess their knowledge and skills to prepare them for work in IT and to get acquainted with the work of the company."_

Students of any course who speak the C # programming language and have a basic understanding of algorithms can take part in the competition.

The tournament will be held in two stages in the format of an online competition:

Selection. All registered participants will be invited to participate in the first stage of the tournament on November 15. They will be introduced to the task and the requirements for its implementation. 2.5 hours are allotted for solving the problem. Participants' decisions will be checked automatically under the supervision of SimCorp specialists. Within a day after the deadline, each contestant will find out if he or she will make it to the finals.

Final. According to the results of the first stage, up to 100 participants who have best coped with the selection task will be selected and invited to the final stage of the competition. The final task takes 4-5 hours. The winners of the tournament will be announced in the evening of the same day.

The best participants compete for the opportunity to win prizes and receive valuable gifts: a licensed subscription to the Pluralsight platform for 12 months, stylish skinny, personal laptops and mentoring support from the best specialists of SimCorp.

Details about the national tournament and registration at the link: