In the new semester, Code Club Ukraine is strengthened by a new partner - BetInvest!

In the new semester, Code Club Ukraine is strengthened by a new partner - BetInvest!

Betinvest is a leading product company providing technology solutions for the sports betting and gaming industry. The Betinvest team has over 300 highly qualified IT and trading professionals. The company has 20 years of experience in the international market!

The Code Club World curriculum is also based on the principles of gamification. These are fun and creative activities that teach technology programs. And it is very important that children enjoy their classes, do not perceive them as another school lesson. According to students, 92% of our programs consist of entertainment. This means that they like them!

Note, with the support of technology companies like BetInvest, Code Club Ukraine

✅ actively expands the directions of educational programs,

✅ updates and updates methods,

✅ increases the number of clubs and groups throughout Ukraine.

- We want to be active participants in the process of forming the right culture and environment for human development from an early age in our country. We strive to know and understand how children will grow up, who in a few years will come to study at the university, will make new scientific discoveries, create a business, become teachers, - our partners from BetInvest say.

The company is confident that in the near future, education will no longer be the same as it is now. Technologies are moving forward, there is an explosive growth of EdTech startups, new forms and tools of education are being created.

- Correct formation of the educational process in the future will help improve the life of society in social and financial terms. The skills of entrepreneurship, creativity, in general, business education in domestic schools are given mediocre attention. Initiatives like Code Club are aimed at developing the child's IT potential and further developing a career in IT. Therefore, we are waiting for them in our team! - emphasize in the BetInvest company.