Advantages of mentoring in Code Club Ukraine: new bonuses of our community

Advantages of mentoring in Code Club Ukraine: new bonuses of our community

Code Club Ukraine mentors share knowledge with children for free, but receive much more. First, training IT professionals to be mentors. Secondly, the opportunity to realize an important social mission. Third, the development of their own skills and the acquisition of new skills. And for students - the opportunity to pump skills, get practice, recommendations and first job.

This is the most important thing, but we take care of our volunteers and work on new benefits. Therefore, we have prepared discounts, promo codes and loyalty programs for Code Club Ukraine mentors from our partners:

Transport: bonus trips from

Uklon Tech is a product IT company, the most popular Ukrainian ride-sharing service Uklon.

Discounts on tuition and online courses from:

FoxmindEd - programming courses with training on projects: a minimum of theory, a maximum of real experience and tasks.

Projector - Creative & Tech School. Community.

RobotDreams - future thinking school: development of technical specialists and activation of their skills. - English school for those who want to work in Big Tech.

Promo codes for buying books from

Nash Format Publishing House is a leader in the market of business and worldview literature.

Discounts on mental health counseling from

HoldYou - an online service for those who need qualified help from a psychologist, regardless of location.

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