Enter IT: experienced IT specialists told about the path in the profession and the secrets of success

Enter IT: experienced IT specialists told about the path in the profession and the secrets of success

If 30 years ago children measured to become astronauts and firefighters, 15 years ago - businessmen and lawyers, today they dream of becoming IT specialists. But what is this industry, what areas and professions exist, what to choose for you, and how to move to create your own IT products? Code Club Meetup: IT generation was dedicated to these topics. At Osvitoria Hub, IT specialists Preply, GlobalLogic, Uklon, Exadel, ucode IT academy told their success stories to children. Young coders and future startups learned firsthand about their dream profession and received step-by-step instructions.

Insiders from leading programmers of Ukrainian and international companies inspire, impress and motivate! Additional motivation for the little ones were gifts from TASKOMBANK, TAS Life Insurance, MSI, Nash Format, received by their own efforts during the quiz, and goodies from BPSH and VODA UA! WOMO, Happy Monday, Developers.Org.Ua acted as information partners of the event.

Vitaliy Ponomarenko, Lead Software Developer at Uklon **, started his story with who IT specialists are and where they come from. In his case, it all started with school, the antediluvian computer, games on it, and a wild interest in who makes these games and how.

– IT specialists are engineers, scientists, mathematicians, creative people who like to create a cool product out of nothing. They operate with at least two main qualities - their intelligence and imagination. First of all, it is important to make the right choice of profession, the specifics that should drive you. Perseverance, persistence, flexibility will help in this way - readiness to choose technologies, cardinally change directions, thirst for new knowledge. IT is first and foremost about lifelong learning. There will be no such moment when you say "I already know everything", - Vitaly Ponomarenko shares.

On the contrary, IT specialists are constantly ignited and accompanied by the feeling that they do not know something yet. Fortunately, there are plenty of opportunities to develop and learn today. For example, mentoring and practice. And the right mentor is the person who helps along the way. He prompts and directs. Teaches how to make a few simple tasks from a task that, at first glance, has no solution. Explains in accessible language the deep nuances of the profession. Vitaliy Gorodetsky - Senior software engineer at GlobalLogic told about it:

– The greatest contribution at the beginning of training and professional path is made by the teacher. If the teacher at school does not give you that passion of energy, you can try to find a mentor in organizations and clubs such as Code Club Ukraine, which provide children and adolescents with the opportunity to gain relevant knowledge in an interesting way. It is best when the teacher guides and demonstrates that the learning process itself can be more interesting than the purpose for which you begin the process. So that you can enthusiastically master the tools, you can create your own product!

Give away your knowledge for free, share skills - this is the basis on which our reality is built today

If we don't give, we don't get anything, I'm sure Victoria Tigipko, founder and managing partner of the venture fund TA Ventures, president of the Odessa International Film Festival, founder of Code Club Ukraine:

– Today Code Club Ukraine is a leader in the speed of opening free programming clubs among 180 countries of our international IT community. Among the more than 15,000 volunteers of the initiative around the world, 10% will soon fall on the Ukrainian branch. Our goal for the coming years is to teach 100,000 children coding for free. So far, 30,000 young coders have become our students!

And in this way the educational initiative is supported by leading Ukrainian companies, IT specialists and specialists in related fields. In particular, these are the companies Taskombank, Uklon, TAS Life, the speakers of the mitap and the projects they represent. After all, they understand from their experience how important access to knowledge, motivation to learn and self-improvement are. How useful it is to have experienced mentors during the formation of the profession.

– When you invest in something right, you always get something right, - emphasizes Boris Rafalovich, director of the retail department of Tascombank . - 30 thousand children who have already studied at Code Club Ukraine. Is it a lot or a little? This is a whole town of IT people! And soon there may be a metropolis of Ukrainian specialists. So a huge thank you to the teachers who share their knowledge for free, to the speakers of the mitap who share their own experience, and all together invest the best in our younger generation!

Never be afraid to make mistakes and never be afraid of what awaits you. There are almost no tasks that cannot be solved

As part of the myth, specialists from various fields spoke - front-end, back-end developers, team lead, testers (QA). They all mastered their professions with the help of various tools and sources. The main thing is to see and use all available opportunities. After all, today to learn or upgrade is enough, at least, YouTube and a good Internet. There are many specialized video lessons, courses, programs.

This is how Oleksiy Klymenok, Tech Lead at ucode IT academy , started his way in IT with the help of courses. He is a financier by education and has experience in this specialty. But later he felt an incredible interest in innovative technologies. It was not easy to start from scratch, the first two attempts to complete the courses were not successful. However, the passion and search for the right direction did not die down, so the third attempt was a turning point on the way to getting the dream profession and job.

– When I first came to study, I peeked at a student's assignment and got scared. I waited a few months for this task and thought I didn't know how to solve it. But when the time came, I discovered this task, divided it into smaller ones, and put the puzzles in my head. I clearly understood what needed to be done. So studying at UNIT I found my first job in IT. And in a few months I was invited to become part of the UNIT team! – tells Alexey Klimenok.

Training is one of the main components of the IT profession, no matter what direction you choose. According to Senior QA Engineer at Exadel Mikhail Kurgansky , you can come to the profession of a tester without much effort, but to work in it, develop, improve and become a good specialist without constant training will not work:

– That is, you can study to be a biologist or political scientist, then take courses and be a tester. That is, to enter the test is quite simple. And to grow into a class specialist, you already need to learn a lot, practice, it's harder here. Self-study is always needed. If you stop, you will most likely go down. In IT there is no standing still. Either you fall in knowledge, or you rise.

Set goals that will lead to the realization of your dreams

The speakers agreed that without knowledge of English and curiosity can not do. English is needed always and everywhere. Even if someone thinks that he will work in a Ukrainian company, so it is enough to know only Ukrainian and Russian - nothing will happen. Documentation, code, communication with customers and a team, which often consists of specialists from around the world. Not to mention that IT is also a business trip, exchange of experience, the opportunity to communicate at the same table with industry leaders.

How are technological and state-of-the-art products born as a result?

– For example, Reface is a super modern technology company, but despite that, we learn every day. We share information weekly. If 5-minute stories are not enough, we arrange "literacy classes", where marketers explain to technicians what they do, and technicians - what is engineering, back-end. Our machine learning engineers monitor current smar trends, prepare reports, and share information. In fact, this is how the most technological product turns out, – sums up Denis Ivanets, Head of Backend in Reface .