Free online course on the IT profession

Free online course on the IT profession

According to GlobalLogic, in three years the number of entrants to technical specialties has increased by 20%. But to meet the growing demand for IT engineers, not only the number but also the level of training of young professionals is important. To help young entrants make an informed choice of profession and prepare them for future work in IT, GlobalLogic and Happy Monday have created a course of video lectures "IT WAKE UP!"

The Ukrainian IT market is growing by an average of 20-25% annually. At the same time, the popularity of technical areas of education is growing. Since 2018, the number of entrants who have chosen the IT field as a future profession has increased by 20%. In 2020, such entrants accounted for 15% of all university entrants. But this still does not solve the problem of shortage of specialists: currently the industry needs at least 54 thousand new IT engineers.

Young professionals and university graduates often lack the practical skills and understanding of how IT companies operate. That is why business is interested in ensuring that high school students and students already during their studies understand the requirements and features of IT professions, the specifics of work and skills that they need to master.

To help young people consciously decide on their education and future careers, understand how engineers work on real projects, and begin to develop the necessary skills, GlobalLogic has developed a video course "IT WAKE UP!" Together with the career portal Happy Monday. for schoolchildren, students and young professionals.

Eugene Sakalo, head of the university program GlobalLogic in Ukraine , comments on the features and purpose of the course:

_ “As part of the GlobalLogic Education program in 2020 alone, we held more than 30 online webinars, 4 online panel discussions, which were joined by about 4,000 participants. As a result, we realized that young people who want to start a career in IT need to understand from the beginning of their studies what profession they are moving into and what they want to do. It is important for experienced engineers to talk about what they do, how they came to it, what to learn, what to read, who to listen to and watch. This will help young talents, entrants and junior students to make informed choices. "

The course consists of 14 short lectures in the format of interviews with GlobalLogic specialists. Each video is dedicated to a specific profession. GlobalLogic specialists share information about what exactly is on their list of responsibilities, what are the benefits of the specialty, as well as show the essence of their activities. Some lectures are accompanied by additional materials: lists of books, podcasts and articles. At the end of the course you can take a test for knowledge of IT professions.

Anna Mazur, founder and CEO of Happy Monday, comments:

“To choose a profession, it is important to learn more about it and meet people who have succeeded in it. Together with GlobalLogic, we talk about professions in an accessible form and help to understand how to build a future career at the stage of training. This is something that young people often lack in the initial stages when choosing a specialty. This is an opportunity for young graduates and students not only to expand their horizons, but also to understand the field. We hope that such format, humor and content of the series will help the younger generation to make a choice more conscious, clear and easy. "

The course is set out in free access on the project website. It can be viewed at any time without registration.

About the authors of the course

GlobalLogic is an international IT company that develops digital products. We integrate design experience and integrated engineering to help our clients realize their potential and accelerate the transition to tomorrow's digital business. We do our best to provide specialists with not only high-quality theoretical training, but also practical skills that will be useful for their careers.

In 2020, GlobalLogic took first place in the leading rankings of attractive employers in the category of "IT": Randstad Employer Brand Research from Ancor, "Best Employer" from Ernst & Young, "Reputational Activists" from PR-Service, from magazines "Focus" and Forbes.

As part of the GlobalLogic Education initiative, the company cooperates with 19 higher education institutions in Ukraine. In 2020, GlobalLogic together with Ukrainian universities launched master's and certificate programs, held more than 30 online webinars, 4 online panel discussions, which were joined by 4,000 participants. Also opened 4 educational and practical laboratories for more than 3000 students.

In 2020, about 25% of engineers who came to GlobalLogic in Ukraine are specialists with less than one year of experience.

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