How children change the world with the help of IT: results of the competition

How children change the world with the help of IT: results of the competition "My profession of the future"

Recently, Code Club Ukraine together with TAS Life held a large-scale competition "My profession of the future" for children. It brought together more than 200 participants from all over Ukraine. For three months, the children improved their skills in IT and worked on competitive projects. The competition started in March, and we held the grand final in June. Children were able to reflect on their future and choice of profession and most importantly - to get opportunities for their implementation. The prize fund of the competition amounted to over 10 million hryvnias!

_– We wanted to create a competition that will encourage children to think about their future, to think about the profession and what skills and what education it needs. And gifts will help ensure the realization of these dreams, - says Anna Derevyanko, Chief Operating Officer of Code Club Ukraine.

And children's competition projects impressed! Young IT specialists tried not so much to demonstrate their skills and knowledge, but to show how they can be used today to make the world a better place.

A total of 163 entries were registered, of which the jury selected 12 finalists. We invited experts in the fields of IT, education and investment to the jury: Sigma Software Group, Atom Space, AUTODOC, TAS Life, DataArt.

- It is extremely interesting to see what children can come up with using programming. This is a new kind of creativity! The competition gives children the opportunity to discover themselves and feel that you can do cool things with the help of IT, - says Vadim Vasiliev, Senior software developer / TeamLead in Sigma Software Group.

The final with presentations took place live!

It was very difficult for us to choose the best of the best, we felt a huge responsibility. The whole team wanted to take part in the implementation of these children's projects.

_– Such activities are very important for children, because they encourage them to focus on a specific goal and build a way to achieve it. In addition, competitions teach to withstand competition, practice creativity, self-presentation, to accept victory or defeat. Any result allows you to assess your strengths and weaknesses, work them out. I admire the creativity of children, their example and work are inspiring, - says Anna Perederiy, QA Automation Engineer at DataArt.

Young coders dream of becoming bioengineers, architects of smart cities, developing programs for learning languages, programming drones, using technology to treat, save people, make their lives comfortable, safe and meaningful.

_– It was very difficult to choose the winners! I want to take part in each of these projects. We want to live in such a future, depicted by our participants. Children - you are simply unrealistic, - says Roman Babych, Project Development Manager of the TAS Life Partner Network.

Leaders in four categories have been announced

The winner of the nomination "Scratch-beginner" (8-9 years) was Yaroslav Yushko from Kharkiv. 2nd place - Panasyuk Darina, Poltava. 3rd place - Mashchenko Anna, Kyiv.

The first place in the nomination "Scratch-basic, Scratch-advanced" (10-12 years) was taken by Alisa Zhushman from Zhovti Vody, Dnipropetrovsk region. 2nd place - Danylo Kovalev, Odessa. 3rd place - Rekretyuk George, Odessa.

Gold of the nomination "HTML / CSS, Python" (12-14 years) went to Marina Gorodenchuk from Kyiv. 2nd place - Gomzhyn Timur, Kryvyi Rih. 3rd place - Ponomarev, Mariupol.

The victory in the nomination "HTML / CSS, Python" (15-16 years) was won by Yulia Novikova from Kamyansky, Dnipropetrovsk region. 2nd place - Andriy Satanivsky, village Мотижин. 3rd place - Gural Stepan, Rohatyn.

The winners received savings deposits up to the 18th anniversary in the amount of UAH 100,000 from TAS Life. All finalists also received health insurance certificates totaling 10 million hryvnias. Valuable gifts also went to mentors who helped the contestants to implement their projects.

The world through the eyes of the winners of the competition

Ukraine has a wonderful future, because we have a wonderful generation of good, talented and creative children. They dream of making the world a better place, helping people, saving lives with drones and carrying knowledge through IT.

Therefore, we wanted to share the vision and opinions of young contestants who impressed the Code Club Ukraine team and the jury. Here are just a few:

The winner of the competition is Yaroslav Yushko, 9 years old:

– I am very interested in the profession of drone controller. I think it will be very important. I can easily help people who need it, being anywhere in the world. I plan to use drones as couriers. As soon as I receive a signal for help, I will immediately send a drone with the necessary things. And no traffic jams will prevent the drone from arriving as soon as possible and bringing medicine to save lives! Drones can also be used to deliver various things, especially to hard-to-reach and remote parts of the planet. This will significantly reduce the time to deliver essentials.

The winner of the competition Yulia Novikova, 16 years old:

– With my project I wanted to convey to everyone that it is necessary to teach not only the native language, but also the languages ​​of different peoples. Because each is very interesting and beautiful. My program is made in Python and is designed for people who will learn different languages ​​from scratch. After graduating from school, I plan to travel the world to learn a lot of interesting things and put it into my program. My dream is to become a developer of programs for translation from different languages. That is, computational linguistics.

Finalist of the competition Artem Ponomarev, 11 years old:

– I dream of becoming an architect and a programmer. I want to create and program smart cities in which everyone will be comfortable living. My dream is to start from my city - Mariupol. That's why I'm already looking for abandoned buildings and planning how they can be modernized.

Finalist of the competition Andriy Satanivsky, 15 years old:

– A few years ago, I had a desire to make a site to promote my own project in a popular game. But at that time I did not have programming skills, I did not have the necessary knowledge to realize a dream. Fortunately, my parents enrolled me in an HTML / CSS course at Code Club Ukraine. And I was able to make a business card site myself, it brought me closer to the realization of the final idea. In the competition I want to show what can be done using coding skills! And in the future I aspire to become a developer of websites and mobile applications.