To work without discrimination - Ukrainian companies received step-by-step instructions for recruitment

To work without discrimination - Ukrainian companies received step-by-step instructions for recruitment

UNFPA Ukraine together with the career media Happy Monday have developed a checklist to prevent discrimination in recruitment and ensure equal working conditions for men and women in companies. On April 15, 2021, UNFPA Ukraine together with the career media Happy Monday developed and presented to Ukrainian business companies a "Checklist to prevent discrimination in recruitment." The document was developed within the framework of the project "Springboard to Equality", which is implemented with the financial support of Sweden in Ukraine.

Gender-sensitive recruitment is a relatively new but extremely relevant topic for Ukraine. According to a study conducted by Info Sapiens in January 2021 on behalf of the United Nations Population Fund, 56% of Ukrainians over the age of 14 believe that there are professions that are suitable only for men or women. 79% explain the existence of "male" and "female" professions by different gender factors: traditional public opinion (38%), different upbringing of girls and boys (29%), different professional orientations (25%).

The introduction of gender-sensitive recruitment in companies will ensure: 1) equal opportunities for men and women at the stage of job search and resume submission; 2) equal rights and opportunities for professional realization, including helping to reduce the pay gap between men and women; 3) reducing the level of stereotypical perception of professions; 4) gender balance of company personnel, etc.

The developed checklist will help recruiters to clearly and professionally formulate a vacancy description, think in advance about the process of selecting and announcing a vacancy, correctly evaluate the submitted resumes and analyze the portfolio of candidates, and avoid discriminatory issues during interviews.

"If we do not see or realize something, it does not mean that there is no problem. To eliminate this discriminatory aspect, which often occurs in the employment process, we need to think about the effectiveness of each stage, to review these established norms, to start looking more broadly. In a document developed jointly with UNFPA Ukraine, we tried to give advice and show opportunities for a more tolerant and sensitive employment process. We are confident that the implementation of such processes will not only help candidates feel more dignified in the employment process, but also allow employers to find new sources for finding talent, strengthen their market position and take a step towards equal opportunities for all," she said. Anna Mazur, founder and head of Happy Monday career media.

“The United Nations Population Fund is actively working with businesses to develop and implement gender equality policies in companies. The first step was to create a business coalition and sign the Declaration for Gender Equality and Prevention of Domestic Violence in 2019. We are convinced that ensuring gender equality in companies is one of the factors of its success. We are currently actively working with the signatories of the Declaration, which currently numbers 31 companies, in several areas. In particular, the promotion of maternity leave among men, the fight against domestic violence and the introduction of gender-sensitive recruitment. The next step is to provide expert assistance for conducting a gender audit among interested companies,” said Lala Zinkevych, Project Manager for the Springboard for Equality, UNFPA Ukraine.

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Note that UNFPA, the United Nations Population Fund, is a leading UN agency focusing on gender equality, reproductive health and youth development. We work with partners in 150 countries and territories, and since 1997 in Ukraine to promote equality, overcome gender stereotypes, empower women, distribute household responsibilities equally and involve men in raising children.

The project "Springboard for Equality" aims to change social norms and abandon gender stereotypes in education, at work, at home, in community life and create a favorable environment, as well as increasing public demand for equal rights and opportunities for women and men in Ukraine.

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