What is it like to be a mentor?

What is it like to be a mentor?

Our flashmob #MentoringYakTrend lasted for two weeks! And people of different professions and spheres of activity continue to join it. We get a lot of interesting feedback and are happy to share your mentoring stories. Participants of the Code Club Ukraine educational initiative are also actively involved. So, what is it like to be a mentor - according to our mentors!

Anastasia Ponomareva, curator of Code Club Mariupol:

“For me, a mentor is a person who shares his own experience, supports, works with a student in a team. Why do I do it and why for free? Regardless of wealth, every child has a chance for the future, and a mentor is a person who can give the world a future genius only by sacrificing a little of his time! It is happiness to see how ideas are born, children are revealed, people change the world here and now…”

Oksana Lyubinets, mentor of Code Club Ivano-Frankivsk: “Mentor helps children to develop independently, learn something new, share interesting information, skills with peers. It does not point out mistakes, but gives strength and confidence to find answers to your questions. And isn't it pleasing when students enjoy the results of their work, when in the afternoon they stay at school to explore, learn, create? It is as if a magnet draws them to learn something new and interesting. And the name of this magnet is Code Club!”

Mykola Koroshchenko, curator of Code Club Zhovti Vody:

"You want to teach someone - learn yourself! Mentoring itself taught me to communicate with people, to find an approach and topics for communication with children, to be interested in new methods and directions in learning. I could never have imagined that I would be involved in teaching children, mentoring changes the worldview and perception of the environment very much…»

Valentyna Horodetska, curator of Code Club Odessa, head of the IT2School volunteer community:

"Today I feel great pleasure to have the opportunity to meet new people every day who have just joined the volunteer community, as well as to continue to communicate with mentors who have been in the community for a long time. I feel like we complement each other. This is an incredible exchange of energy and good mood!”

Eugene Zubko, mentor Code Club Dnipro:

“Awareness of involvement in such an important matter warms the soul, and working with children charges with positive emotions. They say that you want to do your favorite thing even for free. What exactly, to some extent, I still do. Thank you to the Code Club and all the students for this opportunity!”