Competition for students of Code Club Ukraine from Tas Life -

Competition for students of Code Club Ukraine from Tas Life - "My profession of the future"

Today the world of professions is changing rapidly. Thanks to innovative technologies, a number of professions are being strongly transformed, a number will disappear. And by 2030, new industries will emerge that will require new professions. So what profession should children choose to develop in this direction today, and in the future to be realized as a professional and receive a decent salary?

We are launching a competition that students of the spring module can join! Children and teenagers will be able to reflect on their future, apply the knowledge gained to implement interesting projects and receive cool gifts from Tas Life!

Who can take part: Code Club Ukraine students aged 8 to 16

What to do: develop a project on "My profession of the future" in programming languages: Scratch, HTML / CSS, Python

Projects are accepted until May 20. The final of the competition is on June 1!

We probably know that Generation Z dreams of something special for itself. We suggest you go further and consider:

✅ What future profession would you like to master?

✅ Why do you like it and how will it benefit people?

✅ What exactly will you do?

✅ What sciences and directions do you need to master, abilities - to develop in order to get your dream profession?

Next, we offer all your thoughts and predictions on the topic "My profession of the future" to transfer to a competitive project. It can be an animated video, a game, a website of your own brand, etc. A full-fledged project that the contestants will present to the jury in the final of the contest. Code Club Ukraine mentors will help them along the way.

So children have the opportunity to dream and get creative! But parents - to think about how to help their children realize themselves and in what direction. As we know, higher or quality technical education will no longer be free in the near future. Therefore, experts recommend thinking about it in advance.

Parents contribute to the realization of their children's dreams and are always there. That's why TAS Life offered such a theme of the contest and gifts that will help realize children's dreams in the future. These include savings for children under the age of 18, as well as gift certificates for health insurance.

PRIZE fund of the competition from TAS Life:

✅ Accumulative program "TAS-Junior" - UAH 100,000

Doctor Doctor TAS health care - UAH 10 million / EUR 300,000

✅ Certificate for TAS Life services for UAH 1,000 for each participant!