Flashmob "Mentoring as a trend" from Code Club Ukraine

It is known that behind every great leader is a great mentor. Yes, it is a mentor! Steve Jobs had Ed Woollard and John Scully. Bill Gates considers Warren Buffett's mentor. And Bob Eiger associates the success of The Walt Disney with the name of his former boss Tom Murphy.

The concept of intellectual volunteering, mentoring, originated in the middle of last century in the United States. A mentor is someone who helps others with their professional skills for free. In the West, such a pro bono format is very developed, but in Ukraine it still remains out of mass attention. Although leading companies are already mentoring, they provide free advice and training. After all, they understand that the fashion for intellectual volunteering needs to be strengthened.

One of the main goals of Code Club Ukraine is also to create a new mentoring culture in Ukraine:

✅ we train IT specialists to be mentors, pass on their knowledge to the younger generation and implement an important social mission;

✅ provide an opportunity for IT students to pump their own skills, get practice, good recommendations and their first job;

✅ Mentor is the middle ground between a formal experienced pro, a good teacher, coach, coach.

This is not a profession or a position, this is a state of mind. Not a strict mentor or supervisors, but a friend and helper. And most importantly: mentors teach by example, share skills acquired in person!

And who is this mentor for you? Lucky to have a mentor - share your stories. Did you have to mentor someone? Tell us about this case on your social media pages! Do you agree that the development of mentoring in Ukraine is important for both education and business? So join our flashmob!

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