Webinar "How to teach children financial literacy"

Thanks to the initial financial education, the child acquires independence. So parents should acquaint their children with the rules of practical handling of money as soon as possible! The speakers of the webinar "How to teach children financial literacy", which took place on February 25, spoke about it. It will be recalled that the event was organized by the Code Club Ukraine educational project in partnership with TAS Life.

Children's financial literacy is a very relevant topic. 177 parents from different regions of the country registered to take part, who were interested in learning advice and life hacks from specialists.

The speakers of the webinar were Tas Life experts - Roman Babych, Head of Partner Network Project Development, and Natalia Stykhalska, Head of Marketing. They revealed key topics:

  • Problems of financial literacy in adults and children in Ukraine.
  • Development of financial skills.
  • Pocket money.
  • Child labor "for yes" and "for money".

Children are our mirror image, Roman Babych thinks. And if we do not raise any issues, it does not mean that they do not exist. So, what are the peculiarities of children's perception of money? Children do not see a connection between their actions and the amount of money. In addition, the kid does not know the price of money and therefore constantly asks to buy something.

- The child does not understand where the money comes from, - says Natalia Stykhalska. - Online shopping is a one-click, there are many gadgets with which you can make all the calculations.

In order for the child to achieve practical skills, Natalia invites parents to invite her to plan a family budget together. This action will show that the child is trusted and valued.

The speakers also presented the "Financial Literacy Intensive for Children", which will soon start at Code Club Ukraine. As part of the intensive, Tas Life experts will teach children in particular:

  • appreciate the work of parents,
  • treat money and gifts correctly,
  • technology of accumulation and management of money.