Training "Mentoring in Code Club": experience, life hacks and tips

This weekend, together with Vasyl Stefanyk Precarpathian National University, we conducted a joint training "Mentoring in Code Club" for the first time! The audience of the online event was the mentors of Code Club Ukraine - new and our permanent teachers, as well as those specialists who would like to join our team, but have not yet done so! In total, more than 60 participants took part in the training!

The speakers of the event were: Anastasia Popova, methodologist of Code Club Ukraine and R&D EscapeLAB Coordinator Olesya Vlasiy, curator of Code Club Ivano-Frankivsk, associate professor of PNU Olga Dudka, coordinator of Code Club PNU, associate professor of PNU

They talked about activities, training programs, approaches to teaching Code Club and online learning opportunities. The experts discussed the following topics in detail:

Is it possible to study without grades? Online learning: limitations or opportunities? Who can become a mentor or a student? How to manage chaos in the classroom?

Particular attention was paid to the organization of a safe educational environment in the context of online learning, because on the eve of World Safer Internet Day and in a pandemic, this issue is particularly acute.

Our experienced mentors shared their teaching experience and personal life hacks: Lesya Stepanchenko (Ivano-Frankivsk), Oksana Storozh (Lviv), Artem Chornobrovkin (Odessa), Victoria Glushchenko (Odessa).

_- A mentor is not a profession or a position, it is a state of mind. They are not strict mentors or controllers, they are friends and helpers. Code Club Ukraine mentors have one great desire - to share knowledge with children in an informal atmosphere, to show them new opportunities for programs that are hastily studied or not studied at school. Often the school program does not have time for students' thirst for knowledge. And Code Club helps a lot here. Especially since children have the opportunity to study for free, - _says Olesya Vlasiy, curator of Code Club Ivano-Frankivsk, associate professor of PNU.

Communication with children is always explosive and unpredictable, she emphasizes, and at the same time sweet and emotional. Especially when you are not limited by formal education. When you imagine education as an ocean of opportunities, comfortable communication and mutual support, along with the mandatory work and training to achieve an interesting result - you are ready to become a mentor in the Code Club.

- The word NEED does not apply to modern children, - adds Oksana. - Students begin to understand: if you want - you will do a project, if you do not want - you will not do, but then you will not learn to do things like your friend, or you will not be taken into the team. This approach is gradually changing children's attitudes to learning. They understand personal responsibility. And the encouragement to work in a team, the responsibility not only for oneself, but for a friend who does not succeed, gradually teaches team spirit and cohesion. And these skills are one of the key ones required of a person in modern society. This is not learning purely programming ... This is learning sincere human relationships through programming!