"Professional patriotism": how to turn mentoring into a trend

On October 17, Ramada Encore Kyiv hosted an offline myth “Mentoring as a trend” initiated by the Code Club Ukraine network of volunteer coding clubs for children. During the event, specialists from various fields with extensive experience in both mentoring and volunteering discussed how to change society's attitude to mentoring and promote this area of ​​activity in Ukraine.

Participants of the “Mentoring as a Trend” myth proved by their own examples that this activity has a significant impact on the level of education in general. Given the international experience, Ukraine is only at the beginning of this path, but has every chance to develop mentoring to the level of Europe and the United States.

“I am convinced that mentoring is about high values, about help and the desire to share knowledge. To promote this area, you need to create opportunities, tell people what it is and that it exists at all. It may be worthwhile to create a platform where someone will look for a mentor and someone will become one,” said Florin Beecher, Chief Executive Officer at ucode.

"The phrase "what you gave is yours "is close to me. Besides, I believe in the law of tithing. That is 10% you have to give. It doesn't matter what it will be, but time and knowledge are also a valuable resource,” added Anastasia Davydova, Ambassador to Ukraine One Young World, Commercial Director of Cityconsult Development.

“In my teaching activity, I am guided by the principle that you should not give a fish, but a fishing rod. Thus - to share knowledge that will be useful in the future. As Jack Ma, the founder of Alibaba Group in China, said, "the greatest consolation for a teacher is a successful student." And it really is. In the end, we at the company came to the conclusion that it is not necessary to change the minds of Ukrainians in adulthood, but to start working with heads in childhood, - said Lydia Pashchuk, President K.Fund, head and member of the Supervisory Board School of Small and Medium Business, Certified Lecturer at the Chartered Institute of Marketing (CIM), Associate Professor of Taras Shevchenko National University of Kyiv. - Mentoring is professional patriotism. When you close your basic professional needs, there is a need to share.”

“For five years now, Code Club Ukraine and TASCOMBANK have been demonstrating a successful example of a tandem of business and education. All these years we have been watching the success of the project and 2020 has become a record year, as 10,000 students have studied online during this time. Perhaps the future Ukrainian Mark Zuckerberg is among them. It is important to understand that investing in knowledge is not only a successful future for children, but for the whole country, as an educated nation is the foundation of the state,” said Olena Stryukova, Director of TASKOMBANK Kyiv Region, General Partner of Code Club Ukraine.

The event was initiated by the network of volunteer coding clubs for children Code Club Ukraine, which teaches children free computer literacy and coding.