TASKOMBANK supports the All-Ukrainian event designed to promote intellectual volunteering

TASKOMBANK supports the All-Ukrainian event designed to promote intellectual volunteering

On October 17, a large-scale offline event will take place in Kyiv - the All-Ukrainian Mitup "MENTORING AS A TREND". It is designed to explain who is a mentor, what is intellectual volunteering? Understand why this is still not a mass trend in Ukraine and what to do? How will our society, level of education and culture change with the popularization of the direction?

The Code Club Ukraine project has chosen the formation of a new mentoring culture in the country as one of its missions. Exploring the situation, we were confronted with the realities of mentoring in Ukraine: many people do not know what it is, others do not consider it an important matter. In general, the social responsibility of Ukrainians and awareness is quite low.

Mitup is designed to highlight this issue, as well as to demonstrate examples and explain who is a mentor and what an important role plays in shaping quality education. In general, improve the image of mentors.

It's time to come out of the shadows and the voices of dozens of mentors, curators, community activists and volunteers, representatives of socially responsible companies to declare the important work we do with you! Explain why this is so important, especially today. Show how to build a better future with your own hands.

Speakers and participants of the meeting will be IT specialists of top companies of Ukraine, leaders of volunteer organizations, public activists, curators and mentors of Code Club Ukraine, as well as representatives of TASKOMBANK - the main partner of the initiative. It should be noted that for many years TASCOMBANK has been actively supporting various social projects, in particular Code Club Ukraine since 2013. The company understands the importance of mentoring and quality education. That is why she was the main partner of the myth "Mentoring as a trend".

- The modern world can no longer be imagined without digital technology. We understand that in the new digital culture it is extremely important to give children the opportunity to gain knowledge and skills that will allow them to find themselves in the new world, learn the basics of programming in an interesting way and perhaps get the necessary basis to realize themselves as a professional in IT-sphere in the future, - says Olena Stryukova, director of the Kyiv region of JSC "TASKOMBANK". - We are convinced that investing in knowledge is investing in the successful future of the current generation of children and the future of our country. That is why we want to give Ukrainian students the opportunity to develop intellectual potential. TASKOMBANK's partnership with Code Club Ukraine has become a really successful combination of business efforts and educational initiative in order to open new horizons for children!

We invite representatives of the community, as well as all those who want to learn more about new opportunities for the development of our society. We are going in offline format.

Hurry up to join, the number of places is limited due to quarantine measures! Participation is free by prior registration: https://goo.su/2gEU

Time: 15:00 - 19:00

Location: Ramada Encore Kyiv