IT is a promising industry in Ukraine

IT is a promising industry in Ukraine

It's time to choose the future! Hi, parents and students, it's time to think about choosing the right learning strategy! After all, it is up to you to choose which subjects to pay maximum attention to, which skills to develop, and to look for additional tools. Where to start? From understanding the abilities and interests of the child, as well as the trends of the modern world. The IT industry, to which the Code Club is called to be the initial steps, has declared itself the loudest in recent years.

How is the IT sector developing in Ukraine, or is it promising for domestic specialists? Certainly! More proofs - in the comments of experts in the field, which they shared at the industry meeting "IT brand of Ukraine in the world."

  • We are already a brand, in fact. Customers from other countries know that if you want to do something complex, you need Ukraine, - says Oleksandr Bornyakov, Deputy Minister of Digital Transformation of Ukraine.

  • Ukraine positions itself as a good country for research, creation and testing of new digital products, - adds Vladislav Savchenko, President of the European Association of Software Engineering.

IT is the future of Ukraine, said Yevhen Pitsyk, Director of the Dnieper Region of JSC TASKOMBANK, Chief Partner of Code Club Ukraine:

  • We support the development of IT education, because we understand how much the whole country, including the banking sector, needs qualified IT professionals. IT specialists do a lot of work in our company, which seems invisible from the outside, but is very important. The first is the security of the bank's systems and the personal data of customers who trust us with their finances. Secondly, increase the efficiency of system processes. We can't just develop one program and use it all the time. We need to develop our services, constantly update, optimize them for new gadgets. Third, ensuring the operation of the payment system, because any bank competes for the speed of payments and their convenience for our customers. This is one of the main tasks of our IT specialists. In addition, we work with fintech companies that perform a huge amount of work for us, including Internet banking, mobile applications, the quality of which primarily affects our reputation.

Therefore, IT is a promising industry in Ukraine, driving other social and economic spheres. You already know how to start mastering this specialty! Welcome