All-Ukrainian meetup

All-Ukrainian meetup "MENTORING AS A TREND"

Who is a mentor, what is intellectual volunteering? Why is this still not a mass trend in Ukraine and what should be done? How will our society, level of education and culture change with the popularization of this direction?

The Code Club Ukraine project has chosen the formation of a new mentoring culture in the country as one of its missions. Exploring the situation, we were confronted with the realities of the attitude to mentoring in Ukraine: many people do not know what it is, others do not consider it an important matter. Recently, there has been a particularly clear trend around the world to increase the level of social responsibility and awareness. It is important for Ukrainians not to stay out of this process.

All-Ukrainian meetup "MENTORING AS A TREND" is designed to:

✅ highlight this issue,

✅ clearly demonstrate and explain who the mentor is,

✅ what important role it plays in the formation of quality education,

✅ in general - to raise the image of mentors in society.

SPEAKERS of the meeting will share their own experience, conclusions on the situation and ways to develop intellectual volunteering in Ukraine.