Webinar "Master class on working in ZOOM"

The Code Club Ukraine team does not stop self-improvement. The other day we held a webinar "Master class on working in ZOOM". Agree, a very important skill today, when most classes and negotiations are transferred online.

Note that this service is popular against the background of the transition of companies to remote work, as well as students - to online learning through a pandemic. In the spring of 2020 alone, the number of daily Zoom users increased 20 times in three months. However, not everyone understood the functions of the service and learned to use all the features.

  • When quarantine came to Ukraine in the spring, we quickly mastered the new format and started online. And I'm ready to share with you zoom chips and life hacks for online learning! - This is how Speaker Anna Knyshenko started her master class.

Anna works as a DevOps engineer at Softserve in Dnipro and has been teaching at Code Club Ukraine for 5 years. Helps children learn programs such as Scratch, Hard Scratch, HTML, Raspberry Pi, General course, Python and Design. And this year, together with colleagues, it will launch several new areas in vector graphics, applications for mobile phones, CSS + JS.

  • Every time we immerse ourselves more and more in the world of IT and are always ready for new challenges and new projects, - the speaker emphasized.