Reboot in progress! The Code Club Ukraine team is self-improving to increase the level of IT literacy in Ukraine. This time we were helped to understand by Alyona Guseva, content director of the investment company UFuture, specialist in reputation management and communications, personal branding consultant.

Alyona held a webinar for the Code Club team from all over Ukraine, during which she explained how to position the project on social networks so that communication with the audience was as useful and positive as possible for both parties.

Why is this important? First, there are already more than 21.4 million Ukrainians online. About 13 million Ukrainians use Facebook. The average time spent on Facebook is 38 minutes.

What to remember: all the information on the page reflects the position of the company or self-brand.

The Code Club team thanks the expert for personal work secrets, inspiration and faith in their strength with new knowledge!