We discussed this important topic, timed to the Children's Day, together with experts on May 28 online. The webinar was initiated by the network of volunteer coding clubs for children Code Club Ukraine, the school of progressive additional children's education EscapeLab and the business community for women in IT and digital - WTECH Ukraine.

Nowadays, from an early age, children begin to actively use gadgets and spend a lot of time on the Internet. But do they have enough knowledge about safe online? And do parents have enough knowledge about their children's cybersecurity? These and other questions were answered in detail by experts in various fields:

- Anastasia Dyakova, Advisor on Safe Internet for Every Child under the Vice Prime Minister - Minister of Digital Transformation of Ukraine, founder of the educational project #stop_sexting. She talked about the risks that a child may face online and provided step-by-step instructions for creating a safe online space for children.

- Maria Skakun, Senior Associate and Business Developer at Avitar Law Company. She advises on legal issues for IT companies from different industries and at different stages of development. Maria spoke about the processing and protection of personal data, the use of social networks as a child, as well as child bloggers and their earnings.

- Victoria Lyubarevich-Torkhova, neuropsychologist of cognitive development, psychotherapist for adults and children by the method of CPT. The speaker told how to protect children from the danger that may be waiting for them on social networks, how to teach them the rules of online communication, how to protect children from cyberbullying and more.