Webinar "Mentoring in your professional brand"

We continue a series of webinars designed to help anyone who wants to learn how to use the experience of mentoring and volunteering in the profession. For example, get a dream company or get a better job. And in general - to increase your rating in the labor market. This time, learn the secrets of positioning yourself as a high-class pro at our free webinar!

Date and time: April 28, beginning at 5:00 p.m.

Location: online, the link will arrive after registration.

For whom: mentors and potential mentors of Code Club Ukraine, students, representatives of IT companies, other specialists.

The speaker of the webinar will be Alyona Guseva - content director of the holding company UFuture and the fund K.Fund! Specialist and consultant in the development of communication, digital and content strategies. Alena is well versed in PR support, crisis communications and reputable product and personal brand management, so wait for valuable advice and insiders!

We will discuss with her:

✅ why mentoring and mentoring in professional brands is needed;

✅ how to build an effective mentoring community, and why the future of successful innovators;

✅ the most common mistakes in building professional brands;

✅ points to pay special attention to.

And most importantly - let's find out how to build a positive reputation of your own professional brand!

Participation is free by prior registration