Code Club Ukraine webinar from TAS Life for parents

Code Club Ukraine webinar from TAS Life for parents "How to teach children financial literacy"

According to the USAID Financial Sector Transformation Financial Literacy, Financial Inclusion and Financial Welfare in Ukraine study, Ukrainians have the lowest level of financial literacy compared to other countries at 11.6 out of 21 points. And this knowledge is very important for the life and future realization of the child in society. Let's fix the situation!

The financial upbringing of a child does not begin when the parents first give him pocket money, but much earlier! So when exactly should you start telling children about money? Why is this important? What topics do you need to start with? You will learn about this at the Code Club Ukraine webinar "How to teach children financial literacy"!

We have invited our friends and experts - specialists of TAS Life to become speakers of the webinar:

- Roman Babych, Project Development Manager, TAS Life Partner Network

- Natalia Stykhalska, Head of TAS Life Marketing Department

They present the "Financial Literacy Intensive for Children", which will soon begin at Code Club Ukraine. ‼ ️By the way, those parents who register for the webinar will be the first to have access to register their children for the new intensive! During the webinar:

✅ Let's talk about why it is important to teach children "relationships with money"

✅ How to build an attitude to child labor - when "just like that", when "for money"

✅ Parental attention and love "for money": what to avoid

✅ Rules of "pocket" money

✅ We will tell what we will teach children during the intensive care unit, and why it is necessary