Code Club Ukraine launches a special free course

Code Club Ukraine launches a special free course "Fundamentals of SMM and work with content"!

We do not tire of repeating that technological innovations and gadgets with the right approach can be useful tools for development and learning. And we continue to prove it! We are launching a new intensive "SMM Basics and Content Management".

In order to get new skills and master Insta-profession, you do not need anything but a smartphone that supports free applications for graphics and video editors. An author's course from Yulia Saldaeva and Oleg Mikhalevich, who have been professionally engaged in SMM since 2015, will help to understand all the wisdom.

The portfolio of mentors is impressive: projects in the USA and Poland, work with GoPro Ukraine, Odessa International Film Festival, creation of content for brands "Porsche Ukraine", "Bavaria Motors", "Suzuki Ulraine", "Global Spirits", shooting with Nadezhda Dorofeeva, Lesya Nikiti , Anita Lutsenko, the group "Fire" and others. In total - the development of more than 400 strategies for various social networks!

The new course is an opportunity for those who want to:

▫️ Learn how to design, maintain and promote profiles on social networks ▫️ Mount trend videos and stories yourself ▫️ Learn how to develop personal Instagram / TikTok accounts ▫️ Get 100,000 views in TikTok - what should the content be like? ▫️ Develop your account, become a blogger or learn a new digital profession in the future and work from anywhere in the world

Age of students: 13-17 years Start: December 1

The course will be held in an intensive format in Telegram.

Pre-recorded access via Google Form